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Windows 2000 Tips

Boosting Windows 2000 Performance

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My Windows 2000 tips in action:

Performance Tips for Video Editing on Windows XP
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Why you shouldn't enable Bios Shadowing (you're wasting valuable L1 cache)
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Why you shouldn't enable PNP in the Bios
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Wow, optimize the Registry to speed up Cable/DSL Downloads (1.5M/Sec)
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Really speed things up by optimizing memory settings (minimum 256 MB RAM installed)
Key Areas:
LargeSystemCache -- enable it (1)
DisablePagingExecutive -- disable it (1)
SecondLevelDataCache (if other than 256K insert actual value {eg 512, 1024})
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Increase disk performance by changing contiguous File Allocation Size to 512-4096?
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Why you may want to disable 8.3 Name Creation Under NTFS
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Increase your disk speed.
Install SP2 (or later) to enable UDMA 100 or install the UDMA 100 drivers from third parties such as Intel

Tuning Disk Performance
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How to optimize Windows Services
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More tips from Pure Performance

Ever wonder what all that stuff in your BIOS does?
Bios Guide

Event Log Error Code Guide
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Want to know what each Microsoft Error Code means?
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Fix -- Icons Randomly Change to Different Icons
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