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Why Outsource Marketing?

The days of simple selling are over; pounding the pavement doesn't work anymore. Often, despite their best efforts, most salespeople are only closing a fraction of possible business. However, companies that outsource marketing maximize sales effectiveness. It needn't take years of direct industry selling experience to generate stellar sales; it's all in the process—a proven methodology I can teach almost anyone, including:


Untraditional Prospecting Techniques


Direct Marketing for the 21st Century


Launching Automated E-mail Campaigns


Printing Documents on Demand


Improving Search Engine Rankings

Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® produces dramatic results and allows CEOs to focus on running their own businesses. My one-on-one marketing techniques have generated response rates of 45% and reduced sales-cycle times by as much as 50%. By uniting e-mail, direct mail, Web, fax, call centers, mobile marketing and eFulfillment into a winning hybrid selling strategy, I change forever the way CEOs approach marketing.

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Outsourcing Story

"David eliminated 20,000 pieces of annual direct mail by building us an automated e-mail campaign engine which—after three years—saves us a bundle. He created our new brand, SPCanywhere, and designed an effective Website. The 20-page, print-on-demand, color catalog he produced is a huge success. Outsourcing marketing to David was a wise decision," Paul M., president of ASD

Outsourcing Story

"David worked with Cisco Systems to implement Always-on Marketing®, targeting 100 strategic accounts. The campaign included tele-marketing, fax and direct mail. The campaign was a big success, generating a 15% response rate. David's strategy was so enticing that we secured thousands of dollars in Cisco's Joint Marketing Funds. I'm glad I outsourced marketing to David," George M., president of MBS

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