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By David Berger

Imagine, you're the keynote speaker and you suddenly realize, ten minutes before your presentation, you left your hand-written notes on your desk over 2,000 miles away. Major problem or not? You make a quick call to your office and a fax delivered to your e-mail inbox saves the day. There's no need to make a frustrating trip to the hotel business center--you simply click on your e-mail's attachment and your notes instantly appear. That's the magic of eFax.

As the number 1 paperless faxing choice of individuals and businesses worldwide, eFax provides customers with a reliable and secure way to send and receive faxes via e-mail. By spending less than two minutes signing up for eFax's service, you'll get a toll-free or local-fax number in the city of your choice. Distribute your new fax number to anyone you wish and your faxes will be delivered as e-mail attachments, directly to your inbox. Faxing from all your favorite applications is just as easy. eFax is the perfect faxing solution for anyone on the go such as mobile professionals, travelers, etc.

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