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MyFax Overview

MyFax is the Internet fax service I use and it works great. It was very satisfying to call AT&T for the last time — to disconnect my fax line. Since I made the change to MyFax, I've slashed my costs by going paperless.

MyFax is an Ontario-based online fax company offering a variety of services: from personal, corporate, and small business plans to upgrades and optional add-ons. At a cost of only $10 per month, MyFax provides online fax service for an excellent price.

MyFax Pricing

For $10 per month, you can send up to 500 combined incoming and outgoing pages. Each additional page over 500 costs only 10 cents more. You also have the option to prepay annually, reducing the cost to only $8.33 per month and saving you more than 16%. Additionally, MyFax offers a free 30-day trial period, so you can make sure the service is right for you before you commit.

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MyFax Features

MyFax users can send and receive 300 faxes per month, and one year of online fax storage is provided with service. Up to five email addresses can be attached to one plan. Faxes can be sent to up to nine recipients at a time, and can be viewed before they are sent.

There is a wide range of local and toll-free numbers available, and in addition, customers may also be able to transfer a current fax number to their MyFax account. Users maintain their own account information, allowing for changes to be made at any time. For corporate customers, the accounts and services can be adjusted according to the needs of the business.

MyFax Customer Service

The customer service provided by MyFax is outstanding. High-quality, efficient support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, email, or via online chat. Online demos, video tutorials, and FAQs are also available to help answer questions.

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MyFax Usability

MyFax is as easy to use as sending and receiving emails: the simple interface works with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and most other email clients, requiring no additional hardware or software. Faxes can be transmitted online through the MyFax Web site, or via email, fax machine, and even smartphones, including iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm. MyFax is compatible with multiple Web browsers, as well as nearly 200 file formats.

MyFax Summary

For the money, the features available through MyFax are impressive. The services offered, the flexibility within those services, a user-friendly system, top-notch customer service, and low monthly fee help make MyFax one of the top online fax services available.

MyFax Free

MyFax also offers free Internet faxing services. Users may send a fax to 41 countries in exchange for providing three email addresses, likely for marketing purposses. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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