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David A. Berger

Always-on Marketing®

...Wows Ann Arbor Businesses

Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 1, 2006: David Berger, Marketing Strategist, helps companies focus on marketing rather than selling.

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"The days of simple selling are over; pounding the pavement doesn't work well anymore," says Berger. My "Always-on Marketing" approach affects a prospect's buying decision and causes him or her to say, "Thanks for educating me; I'd like to do business with you—all before the first meeting is held."

Over the past decade, the selling environment has changed. Now there is fierce price competition and buyer resistance. Additionally, buyers have virtually unlimited access to information. Products and services are commodities, and most marketing messages say the same hype.

In spite of these challenges and the fact that sales cycles are getting longer, Berger is able to cut through the clutter. He dramatically reduces buying cycles by employing "Always-on Marketing", which uses integrated direct marketing, (direct mail, e-mail, Web, fax and print advertising) to produce response rates of 45%.

Berger works on a full-time basis when the right opportunity presents itself. By employing his own solution-selling techniques and "Always-on Marketing", he's closed multiple million-dollar deals for companies.

Employers with limited resources hire Berger on a Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® basis. Berger's "Always-on Marketing" strategy unites the following elements into a winning sales process:

  • Hybrid Sales Process
  • Database, eCRM
  • Direct Marketing
  • E-mail Advertising
  • Micro Websites
  • Google Marketing
  • Digital Branding
  • eFulfillment
  • Printing-on-Demand
  • Mobile Marketing

David Ide of Valassis writes, "we call on David when we need an expert to critique our client campaigns. He's added tremendous value to our team."

Ed McEachern, President of Huron Valley Printing & Imaging, has this to say. "David made it easy for us to build our own in-house e-mail list and get the word out to thousands of prospects. "Always-on Marketing" really works!"

To review Berger's accomplishments firsthand, you may visit him online at He invites you to read his best-selling book and download his marketing guide free of charge. He generates more than 200,000 monthly hits to his website, which is ranked #1 among major search engines.

Berger can be reached via, and (734) 741-8913.