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Strategic Marketing Outsourcing®

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 1, 2006: Marketing Consultant, David Berger, explains why some companies experience tremendous growth while others do not. "Success often boils down to implementing a sound marketing strategy. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® empowers business owners with a needed competitive edge," states Berger.

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In this radically changed selling environment, there is global price competition and buyer resistance as never before. Additionally, buyers have virtually unlimited access to information; they know products and services are commodities, and that most marketing messages are full of hype.

"The days of simple selling are over; pounding the pavement doesn't work anymore. Organizations not employing a consistent selling process and Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® are not able to maximize sales effectiveness. Often, despite their best efforts, most salespeople are only closing a fraction of what's possible. However, it needn't take years of direct industry selling experience to generate stellar sales; it's all in the strategy —a methodology I can teach almost anyone," Berger explains.

In spite of these challenges, Berger is able to cut through the clutter. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® produces dramatic results by incorporating Berger's Always-on Marketing® strategy. His one-on-one marketing techniques have generated response rates of 45% and reduced sales-cycle times by as much as 50%. By uniting e-mail, direct mail, Web, fax, call centers, wireless and eFulfillment into a winning hybrid selling strategy, Berger changes forever the way his clients approach marketing. A key factor for Berger's success is he engages with clients who are willing to try new marketing approaches and embrace change.

Erik, President of Corsa Instruments writes, "For the first time in five years I handed out profit sharing checks. Much of our company's recent success is attributed to employing David's marketing strategies."

Paul, President of ASD, adds "David eliminated 20,000 pieces of annual direct mail by building us an automated e-mail campaign engine which--after three years--saves us a bundle. He created our new brand, SPCanywhere, and designed an effective Website. The 20-page, print-on-demand, color catalog he produced is a huge success. David's strategies really work!" Watch video testimonial.

Berger brings extensive creativity to clients while assuming some or all of the responsibilities of running their marketing departments. He works on a fixed-cost basis or assumes some of the risk by working at a reduced salary (plus commission). Companies no longer have to invest in expensive full-time staff, training and technology, because he has the needed marketing experience and technical knowledge to drive sales organizations into the 21st century.

"Generally, when companies outsource marketing to drive costs down, they are interested in short-term results and seldom look at related processes—where real breakthroughs are possible. That's where Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® comes in," adds Berger. "With my help, CEOs can focus all their energy on core business activities, knowing the marketing department is running at maximum efficiency." Here's an example of a modern selling organization:

Strategic Marketing Outsourcing's® Virtual Office Layout

Once CEOs engage Strategic Marketing Outsourcing®, value rises—revenue increases, and greater bottom-line efficiencies are achieved. Re-engineered processes create value by boosting both traditional and untraditional revenue streams (e.g. enhancing channel partner sales, reaching untapped markets and uncovering marketing co-op dollars).

Many CEOs believe by investing in computers, databases and the Internet, efficiencies will follow automatically; however, without re-engineering the sales process and modernizing the marketing strategy, only minimal improvements are possible. Upon being hired, Berger's goal is to finish the job by empowering the sales staff to function more independently.

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Speed to market is critical. Consequently, the directive to employ Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® — a cultural change — must come from top management. It transforms management style when executives rely on Berger to make investments and bring innovative ideas to the table. It enables companies to become more competitive in this dynamic business environment. In short, Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® improves bottom lines and lets CEOs concentrate on running their core business.

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About David Berger

David's employers include billion-dollar international companies such as IBM, NEC, Buhler AG of Switzerland and UBE Industries of Japan. He's consulted for Cisco, 3Com, SGI, ABB and Boyne USA Resorts, consistently producing results above the industry average. While working for Buhler, David was top salesperson for North America, closing multiple million-dollar deals in record time.

You're invited to visit him online at, which is listed #1 by the major search engines and receives 10,000 hits/day. He would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss a sales and marketing strategy that's right for you. You may reach David now via his mobile phone SMS GatewayTM, (734) 741-8913 or at