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Always-on Marketing®

Modular Approach to Always-on Marketing®

Hybrid Direct Marketing & Databases

In order to generate, nurture and qualify leads quickly, I will set up a marketing database and refine existing direct marketing campaigns. Every lead will be qualified using the M-I-N-TTM process. The primary communication media include direct mail, e-mail, fax, direct-response print advertising and tele-coverage. I often uncover co-op funds, as I did when convincing Cisco to contribute $12,000 towards a client's marketing initiative.   <top>
Sales Force Automation

Want to enhance your sales force's performance? Are you completely satisfied with your existing lead-tracking system and follow-up practices? Do you have high employee turnover, creating a debilitating "reinventing the wheel" scenario? If so, I can help. I'll create a marketing database that solves your sales-related staffing problems by allowing any new recruit to pick up quickly where the previous salesperson left off. In addition, I'll standardize equipment, reports, letters and proposals, making your sales force more productive.   <top>
Hybrid Account Coverage

To complement the sales force, a Business Development Specialist (BDS) should be employed. He or she will focus on lead nurturing, inside sales, opportunity development and follow-up. Hybrid sales teams offer the most cost-effective way of nurturing leads and enriching relationships with customers. Furthermore, business and channel partnerships should be explored as alternative forms of distribution. If you have a drawer full of leads from trade shows, marketing campaigns, etc., and you want to convert them into sales FAST, I can help.   <top>
Print Advertising

I will generate qualified leads and build databases quickly by using response-driving advertising. I know how to implement an effective advertising strategy giving you a competitive edge. In addition, you will drive traffic to your Website, generating even more business opportunities.   <top>
Public Relations

Your own PR contact database allows you—with just the push of a button—to send timely press releases and other important messages. You'll share your company's vision with key industry leaders (buyers), and keep in touch with investors, shareholders, associations and organizations. You'll eliminate postage charges by using e-mail and faxes. A colleague of mine published a press announcement which, because it was targeted at the right market, generated thousands of responses.   <top>
Fulfillment Material

Sharpen your sales letters, brochures and marketing fulfillment material using clear and concise copy. Lower your overall printing costs by creating custom print-on-demand documents. Most clients have adequate collateral material which simply needs a face lift. I will create value by combining brochures, case studies and news clippings into reports. Your Website will be updated to offer print-on-demand documents such as brochures, price sheets and news articles.   <top>
Networking & Alliances

This is perhaps the fastest-growing area of relationship selling. Recently The Wall Street Journal published an article attesting to the importance of networking. You should quickly identify specific associations, organizations and channel partners with whom you wish to build rapport. Alliances with the right vendors, suppliers and potential business partners are essential—especially when they are willing to help fund marketing campaigns. Don't overlook this co-op money because it can amount to thousands of dollars.   <top>

Do you need someone to take charge of coordinating and executing your seminars? I will help you locate a suitable place to host the event, line up worthwhile speakers and take care of every last detail (including finding co-op money to pay for the seminar). I'll create an event to exceed your most ambitious goals, including exploring the possibility of hosting virtual seminars via the Internet.   <top>
Trade Shows

Wouldn't you like more business to result from the trade shows you are attending? To ensure the right people visit your booth, announcements containing special offers will be sent. Prospects who want more information but cannot attend the shows should be given an easy way to respond—Web, fax, e-mail or telephone. Information collected during the shows is entered into the database I set up for you and used later for follow-up marketing campaigns.   <top>
Internet Marketing

Are you interested in enhancing your existing Website or building a new one? Does it lack a certain je ne sais quoi? I will act as your site strategist and project manager. I'll interface with your existing advertising agency and in-house personnel. If designed correctly, your site will enhance communication, generate leads and improve overall customer satisfaction. Imagine, starting tomorrow, you could receive a text message via your cell phone every time a visitor is qualified—allowing you to follow up before your competition has a chance.   <top>

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