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Master DELL's
art of relationship marketing

Have you ever wondered how Michael Dell managed to put so many of your local computer companies out of business?

From thousands of miles away, Dell fosters and maintains relationships better than companies located just around the corner from you. How does he do it?

Dell runs advertising campaigns designed to generate responses by offering free catalogs. His goal is to build a database by collecting the names of every computer buyer he can find.

He then employs a Hybrid Direct Marketing approach (similar to that I employ at www.a2.com). Would-be computer buyers can access information via the web, e-mail, and now, wireless devices.

I'm certain you'd benefit from using similar marketing tactics.

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Taking your business mobile

The cell phone began as a high-tech gadget but soon became an indispensable business tool. It allows seamless access to the Internet twenty-four hours a day. I've outlined below a wireless-web application to improve bottom lines (see reverse side for printed example).

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Information delivery, anywhere, anytime...

I set out to uncover a way to deliver information while on the road. In business, if you're not quick to respond, you lose customers. Hence, I developed a wireless application allowing me to send a professionally crafted e-mail message, including selected links to my online material—all within a few seconds.

Whenever I'm away from my office and someone asks me for information, I just send it using my cell phone.

I've stopped giving ineffective thirty-second sales pitches when meeting new prospects at restaurants or trade shows. Now, I simply ask for business cards and explain information will be waiting for them by the time they arrive back at their offices. After giving prospects time to digest my information, I follow up later that day.

About David

David A. Berger, sales and marketing consultant, lives in Ann Arbor, Mich. He's a best-selling author and has worked with companies such as Cisco, NEC, Boyne USA Resorts and others.

David devoted over a decade to being a forerunner in applying technology to solve sales and marketing problems; few people surpass his knowhow and experience.

As a Hybrid DM Strategist for IBM, he developed marketing campaigns for its most prestigious customer base of F100 companies.

Applying his proven techniques at Buhler of Switzerland, he generated record sales of more than $5 million. He was top salesperson, selling to companies including General Motors and tier-one suppliers. Many of the sales he generated were firsts for the company.


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