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How can I learn about you in 60 seconds?

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Sales Management

What are the three biggest deals you closed?

$1,200.000, $1,000,000 and $700,000.

How well do you know Value-based or Solution-selling techniques?

I'm very proficient in these concepts and often train others in their use.

What were your most difficult sales?

Without any prior industry experience, I sold capital equipment (averaging $500,000) despite its being priced 40% above the competition. I established credibility with top-level decision makers by publishing articles and launching PR campaigns. Soon, I developed a database containing profiles of thousands of industry luminaries and executives. Using direct marketing, I disseminated valuable information to them.

I was the top sales person closing deals (while minimizing travel expenses). I sold the largest machine in North America, the first machine to General Motors and CMI, the only machine to mass-produce auto parts for Toyota in the USA, and the first prototype project (exceeding $100,000) to test proof-of-concept.

What additional experience have you targeting Presidents and CEOs?

The Hammes Company of Chicago designs, builds, manages, and leases ambulatory outpatient facilities. The president of the Michigan office asked for my help in formulating a strategy to develop sales in Pennsylvania because his sales manager had been unable to book meetings with hospital CEOs.

I wrote a telephone script to obtain a hospital CEO's contact profile and gain permission to fax a letter promoting the "Hammes Report"—a bound collection of case studies and brochures.

On the day responses arrived, copies of the report were FedExed. Follow-up calls were placed two days later. To my client's delight, some CEOs called to make appointments before any follow-ups were made.

What was your most complicated deal?

In order to demonstrate proof-of-concept, I had to convince my customer to pay $120,000 to prototype a part. A die was designed, produced, and tested in Switzerland. Part samples were forwarded to his customer, Toyota, which tested and approved the part for US production.

I then defined the machine's specifications and wrote a lengthy proposal. Several months later, the machine was built in Switzerland and shipped to Ohio. Once it was installed, the machine operator trained, and a pre-production run executed, the part was put into high-volume production (even though the machine cost $700,000 and sold at a 40% premium over competitors).

How have you shortened sales cycles?

I worked with an automotive-parts supplier located in Montreal, Canada, which needed two machines for its plant. Over the course of three months, I had extensive contact with multiple decision makers, confirming the machines' specifications, price and delivery. I met all their needs and built a strong relationship without tapping into my travel budget.

When we met in person for the first time, my prospect signed a deal for two machines totaling $1,000,000 (this was a first for my company). Usually a typical sales cycle was six months for such orders; however, since I controlled the flow of information and the sale, it took just three months to close.


Marketing Capabilities

In what areas of marketing and business development can you help me?

I can help you with hybrid direct marketing, databases, sales force automation, advertising, public relations, fulfillment material, networking and alliances, seminars, trade shows and eMarketing.

How fast can you get a marketing and/or business development team up and running?

It takes thirty to sixty days to accomplish major goals. I've completed fifteen major initiatives and launched nine marketing campaigns (using US mail, e-mail and fax) within ninety days.

What are your three highest direct marketing response rates?

The top three response rates are 45%, 25% and 20%.

What is the largest size database you've created?

The largest database I created was for Boyne USA Resorts; it contained 300,000 contacts.

How do you keep your prospects and customers informed?

I use direct mail and newsletters; however, fax and e-mail are the preferred methods of communication. I've created an automated system, allowing me to fulfill information requests in seconds.


Prospecting Skills

How many prospects have you qualified within one week's time?

I targeted 700 prospects and received 250 responses; I then performed a second-level qualification process and received another 50 responses.

Who were the most difficult contacts you uncovered within a company?

ABB asked me to build a database of tire manufactures such as Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, etc. The goal was to uncover the names of the individuals who mixed the rubber at each plant. Within a few weeks, I had identified all the people and built a marketing database.

With how many contacts do you interact at each company?

I work with at least two or three people in small to medium-sized companies. Sometimes I have more than fifty contacts in large companies such as GM, Ford, Toyota, etc.


Proposal Writing

What was your most sophisticated proposal?

I worked for UBE, a seven-billion-dollar Japanese company. I had to create hundred-page proposals and often supervised the translation to/from English and Japanese. These multi-language proposals sometimes took a team of ten or more people to complete.

What techniques do you use to improve proposal generating?

I worked with an Italian company that took three or four weeks to give a quote. I decided to create a proposal template that could be easily merged with my contact database. After careful analysis of the critical information, I realized the only two variables were lead times and exchange rates. I contacted Italy weekly to update this information. As a result, I supplied prospects with fifteen-page custom proposals in about ten minutes; prospects often complimented me on my swiftness.


Travel Frequentcy

What was your most frequent travel itinerary?

I traveled to NEC Systems Lab, San Jose, California every other week for three months. I also traveled to Switzerland, Germany and Japan.


Computer & Technology

What do you know about computers and networking?

I'm proficient in Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 (English/Japanese) and DOS: Internet, Wireless, Website, eCRM, sales force automation, database, networking, MS Office, geographical mapping, broadcast faxing, desktop publishing (ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, JAVA Script, HTML, Palm OS, WAP, PageMaker, Photoshop, Access, ACT!, Map-Linx, Automap and WinFax).

To demonstrate my technical abilities, I designed and built this online resume,, from the ground up (using only a text editor).


Published Works

What have you published?

I've published books, technical articles, newsletters and white papers. One of my books made the Ann Arbor best-seller list for eleven consecutive weeks.


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