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Title Contents: Strategic Marketing and Marketing Outsourcing: Marketing expert David Berger, Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers business marketing, internet marketing, direct marketing, web site marketing and website marketing services
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Keywords: always on marketing, david berger, ann arbor, michigan, marketing, direct marketing, hybrid direct marketing, integrated direct marekting, business marketing, small business marketing plan, small business marketing, web site marketing, website marketing, business plan marketing, internet marketing, website promotion, web site promoting, internet promotion, business plan, business marketing strategy, marketing strategy, search engine marketing, marketing plan, advertising ideas, creative advertising, marketing strategies, geurilla marketing techniques, multi channel marketing tecniques/
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Description: David Berger specializes in multi channel integrated direct marketing, business plan marketing, web site website marketing, internet marketing strategies and search engine marketing to small and medium size businesses/
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Body Text: For immediate release September 25, 2004 Press contact: David A. Berger 734-741-8913 dave@a2.com a2.com Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® ...Transforming the way business is done David Berger of Ann Arbor, Michigan shares his revolutionary marketing approach. Technology is changing business processes at dizzying speed; internal processes are abandoned before people can even document what they were. For companies with limited resources, I've developed new marketing approaches for this business climate—one of which is Strategic Marketing Outsourcing®. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® consists of forming relationships in which I take responsibility for running your marketing department. You'll benefit because I add strategic value and make the necessary investment in people, training and tools. To make hiring me even more attractive, I often assume some of the risk by working on a blended salary plus commission basis. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® is not simply Marketing Outsourcing. Generally, when companies outsource marketing to drive costs down they are interested in the results and seldom look at the process—where real breakthroughs are possible. I do, and that's where Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® allows you to leverage my marketing experiences and creativity. Imagine being able to focus all your energy and investment on your core business while knowing your marketing department is running at maximum efficiency. When you apply Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® to your business, value rises—not only has revenue been increased, but greater bottom-line efficiencies have been achieved. Furthermore, business processes that have been reengineered create greater value by boosting revenue and exploiting untraditional revenue streams. If you were to employ me, I would immediately provide a proven marketing methodology, a less expensive labor force and all the needed technology. Within weeks, I'd increase your operational efficiency by employing my automated Always-on MarketingTM system to reach thousands of potential customers via personalized e-mail. I can achieve similar results in areas such as direct mail, Web, fax and tele-marketing—forever changing the way you look at marketing. That would be Strategic Marketing Outsourcing®, handled in a sophisticated way, embracing a permanent change in the way things are done. Company CEOs believe that by investing in sales tools such as computers, databases and the Internet, efficiency will automatically improve; however, without reengineering related marketing processes only minimal improvements are possible. Upon being hired, my goal would be to finish the job by empowering your sales and marketing teams to function more independently--without the need of expensive sales and marekting executives to monitor day-to-day activities. We all know that speed to market is critical. Consequently, the directive to employ Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® and make a cultural change must come from top management. Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® transforms management style where top executives rely on me to make investments and continually bring innovative ideas to the table. It enables your sales and marketing departments to become more competitive in this dynamic business environment; Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® improves your bottom line and lets you concentrate on your core business. I consistently produce direct marketing response rates far higher than the industry average while closing million-dollar deals. Also, my Website, A2.com, is listed #1 among the major search engines and receives 75,000 monthly hits. I'd appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your marketing needs. I can be reached at 734-741-8913 or dave@a2.com. You're invited to visit me online at www.a2.com. Paul Mychalowych, President of Advanced Systems & Designs, is very enthusiastic. "Every day I get leads generated by employing David's approaches. Hiring him to handle marketing was the best investment I've made all year." Copyright 2005, David A. Berger, Ann Arbor, Mich. [Close Box] "Every day I get leads generated by employing David's approaches. Hiring him to handle marketing was the best investment I've made all year." -- Paul Mychalowych, President, ASD