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Boyne Success Story

Boyne USA Resorts

The Challenge

Boyne USA Resorts' Website attracts millions of hits each year. Michael Choiniere, Sales and Marketing Director for Boyne, called me in to determine if more could be done to meet visitors' needs.

Michael's vision: "Once we have identified people's needs and interests, we can implement conventional and Internet-based marketing campaigns," Michael said. "My vision is to develop a visitors' database containing basic information—name, address, phone and e-mail. I also want to record their interests—golf, skiing, mountain biking, etc. I've long realized the value of having a comprehensive database upon which to build long-term relationships."

The Solution:

By offering a chance to win a free stay at one of Boyne's seven national resorts, I qickly developed an effective database. Boyne simply added a link from its site to a landing Webpage I developed. Because the e-formTM I designed for Boyne kept brand awareness, the visitor never knew he/she had left Boyne's site.

The information captured exceeded Michael's expectations. Using a contest entry form and general information request form, we were able to gather name, address, title, phone, fax, e-mail, hobbies, birth month and more. The entire online database can be imported into Boyne's master database to be used in its direct mail and marketing campaigns.

The system is user friendly and can be accessed twenty-four hours a day by Boyne sales and marketing personnel. Boyne employees can pull up a specific list of prospects by category such as buy champix online with fast delivery. If desired, a message can be pasted into a pop-up window and, with a click of the mouse,a personalized e-mail may be sent to everyone.

A powerful feature of the system allows Boyne to send e-mail regularly to people with upcoming birthdays, offering them free rounds of golf or ski lift passes.

Michael's vision has become a reality with my help. He is saving—as well as earning—Boyne USA Resorts thousands of dollars every year by exploiting the power of the Internet.