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ASD Success Story

Advanced Systems & Designs

Sells: SPC software, hardware, consulting and shop-floor integration services

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David's contributions

Web Marketing:

Designed and built a micro website to advertise ASD's multi-line image. Originated and registered the domain name,, to be used as the new brand for all eMarketing initiatives.

Lead generating using e-mail:

Set up AOMTM (Always-on Marketing®) e-mail delivery system to automate the delivery of 7,500 e-mail messages. The initial five-tactic e-mail campaign was so successful my client hired a person dedicated to collecting and inputting additional names into the system.

Collateral Development:

Rewrote marketing collateral and advertising material to increase its effectiveness, while enabling all documents to be printed-on-demand and in color. Download Now -- >

Press and Media:

Developed ongoing media campaign to announce new products, partners and acquisitions.

New Acquisitions:

Performed market research to test ROI of potential acquisitions.

ISA Innovator Award:

Helped my client in his successful effort to be selected as an ISA 2001 Innovator. I wrote four product abstracts and application studies.

Channel Partner Program:

Created channel partner advertising program in order to boost sales of hardware, software, integration and consulting services. An important goal, increasing cross-selling effectiveness, was achieved.

Trade Show:

Designed booth placement and layout. Attended show and critiqued overall effectiveness. Carried out direct marketing campaigns before and after the show.