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Effective copywriting generates results

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Imagine tripling the number of new leads you generate every week, without increasing your marketing budget...

The secret isn't spending more money; it's improving your sales marketing effectiveness by employing Always-on Marketing®. Advertisements, sales letters, brochures and Websites act as your salespeople. With my help, you'll affect a prospect's buying decision, causing him/her to say, "Thanks for educating me; I'd like to do business"—all before the first meeting.

However, when your marketing messages are not compelling, you may sound like a second-rate salesperson and drive customers away, missing out on business opportunities. Worse yet, you may be wasting 75 cents of every dollar you spend on marketing by writing your own copy.

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Most people who write their own copy inevitably write about themselves, their companies and what they're selling; however, prospects don't care about you, your company or what you're selling. They only want to know: "what's in it for me? why should I believe you?" and "what will I lose if I don't act now?"

Perhaps now you see why hiring an expert copywriter and technical writer is so important. My Website addresses these questions and motivates prospects to respond.

Today, motivating copy is key to nearly every success story.

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