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Catalyst Success Story

Catalyst Broadband

Fixed-wireless broadband Internet connectivity

David's contributions:

Web Marketing:

Originated and registered the domain name, (Anywhere, Anytime Broadband) to be used as the new brand for all marketing initiatives. Catalyst's existing URL,, was unacceptable for digital branding because of its awkwardness.

Identified Market Demands:

Held focus-group and individual meetings with prospects to collect feedback and uncover market needs.

Created Promotional Booklet:

Wrote the Catalyst Report—a print-on-demand booklet explaining how fixed-wireless broadband Internet solves customers' problems. The following topics were addressed: fixed-wireless overview, installation options, pricing, FAQs, application studies, ROI matrix and testimonials. Once produced, this document was instrumental in convincing pending prospects to sign up for service.

Incentive Promotions:

Developed certificate program entitling selected prospects to receive installation or monthly service agreement discounts.

Channel Partner Program:

Established channel partner program in order to increase sales. Implemented new pricing and co-op marketing strategy.

Marketing Database:

Set up marketing database using ACT! Initiated database cleansing effort in order to identify key decision makers and re-qualify prospects.

Direct Mail:

Created three direct mail campaigns. These campaigns included self mailers, letters, questionnaires and incentives. Initial response rates from pilot campaigns were 2% (business was booked within a week of launching the first campaign).