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Wireless eForm

WAP (Wireless Access) generated sales letter

Subject: Timing is everything


Dear David,

Recently, at a local coffee house, I met a prospective client. We exchanged business cards, the usual pleasantries and something more...

When he asked for information, I used my mobile phone to select a personalized e-mail letter with custom links to my on-line collateral material. Within seconds, I entered his name and e-mail address, instantly delivering my portfolio to his desktop.

By clicking on the links below, you'll see first-hand examples of how I use technology to improve sales and marketing results.

David's eFulfillment system

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Delivering information using a moblie phone

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Delivering information via your desktop

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Overview, Power Point Presentation

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I'd appreciate an opportunity to discuss ways in which I can improve your sales and marketing bottom line.

You may reach me at or the phone number below.


David Berger

Hybrid Sales and Marketing Consultant


Ann Arbor, Mich., USA

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