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ProDial Success Story

ProDial Communications

The Challenge

ProDial Communications offers telecommunications and Internet services to companies and homes across America. A signed service agreement is required for processing new orders. DeVaux McLean, President, asked me to design an approach making it possible for visitors to sign up and print an agreement online.

In the past, ProDial had visitors fill out and submit a form via the web. The form was sent as an e-mail to ProDial and manually typed into a database. Next, a ProDial employee sent an application by fax or US Mail. This labor-intensive process was not only time consuming but often ineffective. The problem was compounded when the application had to be sent by US Mail to the client. ProDial realized that in this time clients could be lost to rivals.

"My vision is to generate dynamically an Application For Service via the web that is instantly printed by a visitor," DeVaux said. "I want him or her to be able to fill out a simple form, click on NEXT and automatically transfer all the information onto the application. He or she would instantly print, sign and return the completed application (by fax or mail). This approach should save several steps and result in more customers."

The Solution:

I designed a web page maintaining the look and feel of the ProDial web site, to which ProDial simply added a link.

An eFormTM was created from an existing hard copy template already used by ProDial. The template was converted into DBXMLTM maintaining all its original formatting, including tables and section breaks. The dynamically generated Application For Service was identical to the original.

Whenever a visitor fills out a form and clicks on NEXT, an Application For Service is generated with all the information entered. An e-mail is instantly sent to ProDial notifying them of a NEW Customer and providing all the pertinent sign-up information. If the value of the new account is high (via my M-I-N-TTM qualification process), a ProDial employee welcomes the new customer right away with a phone call. (Every new signup receives an e-mail reminding him/her to sign and return the form, along with any special instructions.)

The system is user friendly and can be accessed by a ProDial employee twenty-four hours a day. At any time, he or she can pull-up a list of new sign-ups and send follow-up messages any time by pasting notes into a pop-up window. In addition, the online database can be imported into ProDial's master database.

DeVaux's vision has become a reality. With my help, ProDial is meeting the needs of its customers and closing more business by its innovative use of the Internet.