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Co-op Marketing

Techline Smart Office Success Story

Recently I was shopping for office furniture, and my journey led me to a local dealer. After I made my selection, the owner shared his concerns about the current business climate. He was convinced nothing could be done and that he lacked the resources for any marketing initiatives.

As a marketing consultant, I suggested he investigate whether co-op funding was available from his suppliers. A week later we meet with a factory representative and presented our marketing proposal. It was accepted, and...

The money was ours.

I've secured tens of thousands of co-op dollars for clients over the past few years. Just a short time ago, with my help, a client received $25,000.

I've learned most companies are willing to invest dollars effectively in order to generate sales. It never hurts to ask. Very often a good marketing plan is all it takes to get the money.

If you'd like my help to secure funding and increase sales, please contact me.

David's contributions:

Here's what I accomplished within 90 days

  1. Developed an overall sales and marketing strategy and plan
  2. Interviewed, hired and trained Business Development Specialists (BDS)
  3. Set up BDS computer workstation, integrating Web, e-mail, fax and print-on-demand
  4. Wrote a telephone script for cleansing databases of contacts and prospects
  5. Implemented ACT! Contact Management and group calendaring
  6. Constructed custom ACT! database and provided training
  7. Devised sales prospecting process and wrote related documentation
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  9. Designed full-page color advertisement for Crain's Detroit Business Book of Lists
  10. Searched and registered
  11. Built new Website (including navigation, graphics and content, 17 pages)
  12. Established a new Website, e-mail and ColdFusion hosting service at $20.00 per month
  13. Set up three automated AOMTM e-mail campaign engines incorporating on-line databases
  14. Built Intranet with links to AOM eForms (making adding contacts a breeze)
  15. Created easy-to-use eFormTM for opting off AOM contacts
  16. Launched hybrid direct marketing campaigns including database cleansing, telemarketing, cover letters, gift certificates, response forms and questionnaires

These nine marketing campaigns included:

  1. H R Managers, Working-from-home Campaign (AOM e-mail engine)
  2. College Professors, Home Office Promotion (AOM e-mail engine)
  3. Business Journal, Gift Certificate (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  4. Architects, Lead Referral Program (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  5. Real Estate, Lead Referral (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  6. Accountants, Lead Referral (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  7. Computer Trainers, Lead Referral (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  8. Insurance Brokers, Lead Referral (database cleansing, direct mail, e-mail, fax)
  9. Past Corporate Customers, Loyalty Campaign (database cleansing, fax)