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Co-op Advertising

Uncovering Co-op Marketing Dollars

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How certain are you there's no co-op money available to help pay for your marketing initiatives?

I've secured thousands of dollars in co-op money over the years—the largest amount was $25,000. It's not difficult to get the money, if you know how to play the game.

Every day, companies dump money into poorly designed and executed marketing initiatives, generating little reward. One thing I've learned during my career is CEOs are always interested in finding ways to do things better, faster and cheaper—especially when it comes to marketing. My Always-on Marketing® strategy is a sure winner; together, you and I will use it to gain your share of the co-op money.

With my help, you'll cash in on this virtually untapped well of money. Please read the success stories below, describing how I've helped people just like you.

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