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Hybrid Sales Process

Consultative sales process in action...

The days of simple selling are over; pounding the pavement doesn't work well anymore. Being customer focused is essential.

Over the past decade, the selling environment has radically changed. There is global price competition and buyer resistance as never before. Additionally, buyers have virtually unlimited access to information. Products and services are commodities, and most marketing messages promise the same hype.

Successful Process
Targeted: 300 firms
Results: 67 inquiries
Process Time: 3 hrs

Fulfillment: immediate
[using e-mail and fax]

In spite of these challenges, I'm able to cut through the clutter. I produce dramatic results by employing Always-on Marketing®, which incorporates my hybrid direct marketing strategies. This one-on-one solution-selling approach generates outstanding results.

Always-on Marketing® affects a prospect's buying decision and causes him/her to say, "Thanks for educating me; I'd like to do business with you"—all before the first meeting!

I believe solid leadership gives the sales team a winning chance by providing the tools needed to succeed—tools enabling salespeople to...

By skillfully employing these tools, I...

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Imagine the impact my approaches could have on your sales team. Organizations not employing a similar consistent selling process will not maximize sales effectiveness. Often, despite their best efforts, most salespeople are only closing a fraction of what's possible. However, it needn't take a salesperson years of direct industry selling experience to generate stellar sales; it's all in the process—a proven methodology I can teach almost anyone.

By reading my free booklet, you'll learn why a hybrid approach improves bottom lines. Furthermore, by adding a BDS (Business Development Specialist) to your sales team, you will uncover and qualify business opportunities using a process I call MINTTM.

I invite you to take my "quick-tour" (at bottom of page) and "See Firsthand" my success stories. Feel free to review my Virtual Interview and resume (in both HTML and WORD formats), which should answer even your toughest questions. You may also wish to view my video testimonials.

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